Prof. Noam Adir
Chemistry Faculty

Prof. Adir's Lab's Project For The Summer

Efficient and clean solar energy conversion by Photosynthesis.

In this project, the students will explore ways to directly use photosynthetic organisms and their components to perform solar energy conversion to electrical current. The students will explore the means to connect living organisms or isolated complexes to a hybrid bio-photoelectrochemical cell. For details see here.

  1. Structural Biology of photosynthetic systems. In this project, the students will learn how to combine biochemistry, biophysics and structural biology to discovery the characteristics of biological light harvesting by a uni, and how this may be used for clean energy production. More information on the system we study can be found here.

  2. Development of novel antibiotics. In this project, the students will explore the possibility of creating a platform for new antibiotics that are based on peptides with unique amino-acid sequences. Details on how we discovered these sequences can be found here.

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