Prof. Mark Gandelman
Chemistry Faculty

Gandelman’s Lab Project For The Summer

We conduct a wide range of projects on organic and organometallic chemistry, catalyst design, main group elements chemistry and asymmetric synthesis.

We design and develop organometallic and metal-free systems with fundamentally novel properties which can be used as catalysts for important yet problematic chemical reactions to build our sustainable future. 

We make a focus on the understanding of chemical and physical properties of these systems and the mechanistic features of their reactivity.  Ideally, we aim for sustainable, environmentally benign one-pot reactions which generate minimal chemical waste, use non-toxic reagents and require little energy. 

During these projects students learn organic and inorganic synthesis, work with air sensitive materials, mechanistic analysis, multinuclear NMR, HPLC, GC, MS, X-ray among other analytical tools.

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