Prof. Itzhak Apeloig
Chemistry Faculty

Prof. Apeloig’s Lab Project For The Summer

Novel Low-Coordination Group 14 Compounds and their Applications for the Activation of Small Molecules

It was recently discovered that low-valent main-group (MG) compounds can mimic the behavior of transition metals and activate small molecules, such as H2, CO, CO2, NH3, etc., similarly to  transi­tion metals (TM). This discovery is exciting because it provides a new strategy to substitute the rare, expensive, and toxic TM by the widely available and less toxic MG elements, signifying an important step forward towards a more sustainable chemistry. The 2021 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded for this general topic.

We have recently synthesized several novel Sn and Ge clusters, such as germa- and tin-cubanes with open sites,  and we want to study their ability to activate small molecules. The research combines experiment and theory (using up-to-date quantum mechanics computational methods).

For introduction, see: Nature 2010, 463; Chem. Rev. 2018, 118, 3608-3680

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