Social Activities

Social Activities included in the program

7 Facts You Need To Know About Haifa

#1 Haifa is a diverse city! Jews, Christians, Muslims, Druze, Bahais and others co-exist!
#2 The center of Bahai's Faith is located in Haifa, attracting over half a million visitors a year
#3 Mountain Cable Car in Haifa is the shortest railway line in the world!
#4 The cave of Elijah, according to the holy prophecy, he took refuge in the cave during his wanderings thousands of years ago.
#5 Haifa is crazy about soccer! with one of the largest and newest stadiums in Israel
#6 Excellent Cinema with the largest film festival in the middle east!
#7 The only Japanese art museum in the middle east! the Tikotin Museum is a highly recommended experience!

Tours Around Israel​

The program includes organized Trips across Israel’s main tourists sites.

Technion Fun​

The students will enjoy social evenings such as:

  • Movie night
  • BBQ night
  • Karaoke and more.

Things To Do in Haifa

Beaches Of Haifa​

Haifa beaches are absolutely wonderful!

In a few minutes from the Technion, jump into the refreshing waves of the Mediterranean sea in the best time of year! 

Now, this is summer at it’s best!

haifa air Booths

A wonderful attraction in Haifa!

Take a look at Haifa from a bird’s view! 


Museums of Haifa

Enjoy high cultural museums in Haifa:

  • Haifa Museum of Art
  • Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art
  • The National Maritime Museum
  • The National Maritime Museum
  • Mané-Katz Museum
  • Hermann Struck Museum

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