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In order to apply for a student visa, please contact the Israeli embassy or consulate near you.

You can find the information HERE
For more information, please contact International Student Affairs :

Haifa boasts a Mediterranean climate, with typical winter temperatures from 5˚C-17˚C, while summer temperatures range between 19˚C-35˚C or higher. The rainy season is usually from mid-November to mid-March. Bring warm winter clothing, including raincoat/winter coat and umbrella. While it may be cold outdoors, most indoor facilities (including dormitory rooms) are centrally heated. Summers are hot, and humidity ranges from 45%-65%; so bring light-weight clothing and your swim suit. You may bring electronic devices and a laptop for your personal use. Keep in mind that the electrical supply in Israel is 220 volts, 50 Hz (as in Europe). Plug outlets are three-pronged; a transformer will be necessary for North American appliances. A plug-adapter will be necessary for other kinds of plugs. Using simple adapters without transformers will damage North American electronic devices

For Medical Emergencies dial 101 from any phone. The campus medical clinic has an on-call doctor. The clinic (part of the Clalit Health Service provider) is situated in the Ullman Building.

Haifa has three excellent hospitals and many medical clinics.

Hospitals in Haifa: Rambam Health Care Campus: 04-854-2222

Carmel Health Care Center: 04-8250211

Bnei Zion Health Care Facility: 04-8359359 Police Dial 100 from any phone anywhere in the country.

Fire Department Dial 102 from any phone anywhere in the country.

Directory Assistance (Bezeq) Dial 144. Emergency Numbers Security & Safety – Technion operates a 24-hour monitoring system that includes a network with security guards stationed at the university entrances and security units patrolling the campus grounds.

To date, Technion has never suffered a security breach.

24 Hour Emergency Hotline: 04-829-2222

Main Gate: 04-829-4242

Office: 04-829-2494

To Haifa – There is a train service from Ben-Gurion airport through Tel-Aviv to Haifa. The fare is approx.. NIS 40 .

Trains run all day Sunday through Thursday. Please note that trains are available during the weekend (Friday sunset to Saturday sunset). During the summer the last train leaves the airport around 16:00 on Friday and the first train to leave the airport on Saturday night is around 21:30.


The most convenient station for Technion is “Hof HaCarmel”, from where you can take bus no. 11, a taxi (see below) or a shuttle (No. 11). You can check the train schedule here.


Hold on to your train ticket while you travel, for inspection and to exit the station. In Haifa – There are four main railway stations in Haifa – Hof HaCarmel – Central Bus Station near the beach, Bat Galim by the old bus station, HaShmona (Central) near downtown, and Lev-HaMifratz, near the northern Central bus station. Israel Rail has an English website. See for schedules and other information. Please note that there is a train service directly to Ben-Gurion Airport (Terminal 3). *Note: No trains are available during the weekend (Friday sunset to Saturday sunset) AMAL service taxi (Shuttle) direct to/from your desired address in Haifa from/to the airport. The price is approx. NIS 90 on weekdays or 100 Shekel on Shabbat, and it operates 24/7, even during weekends and holidays. To the Airport – Sherut service to Ben-Gurion Airport (fixed price): ‘Amal’- 6 Hechalutz St., Hadar, Tel: +972 (0)4 866 2324 or +972 (0)4 867 6444. Reservations must be made in advance by phone. Payment can be made by cash or credit card. To other cities – Sherut services to Tel Aviv leave regularly, including Saturdays, from Hechalutz St. in Hadar (call ‘Amal’ [above] for more information). You can take sherut taxis to Akko, Nehariya, Carmiel and Tiberias from Cidon Street off HaNevi’im Street in Hadar. Buses To Haifa – Intercity bus (route 910) runs from Tel-Aviv to the Haifa Hof Hacarmel bus station. Buses on route 11 runs hourly from Haifa Hof Hacarmel into the Technion Campus. To view bus times click here. Within Haifa “Egged” operates the main bus lines within Haifa. For details of bus routes and schedules call *2800 (from Israel) or +972 (0)3 694 8888. Payment for the bus must be made in cash, or with a prepaid card. With cash, approx. 7 NIS allows for unlimited use of city buses for 1.5 hours. Prepaid cards may be purchased from bus drivers Note: Public transportation in Israel does not operate on the Shabbat and on Jewish Holidays. Intercity public transportation stops before sunset on Fridays and holiday eves, and resumes after sunset on Saturdays and holidays. Taxis operate 24/7. Within Haifa, public transportation buses do not run on Friday evenings but some do operate on Shabbat. Within the campus there are no buses on Shabbat and on Jewish holidays. You can also refer to their website at: Haifa has two main Bus stations: Lev-HaMifratz’, Central Bus Station near the Checkpost intersection (for routes traveling north) ‘Hof HaCarmel’, Central Bus Station near the beach (for routes traveling south) Taxi To Haifa – There is a taxi stand outside Terminal 3 of the airport (International arrivals). The fare for a private taxi to the Technion is approx. 450 NIS. Ask the driver to operate the meter, and ask to be taken to the main Technion gate. In Haifa – You can call for a taxi to Technion (referred to as ‘special’). Main city taxi services include: ‘Naveh’ – Nave Sha’anan, Tel: +972 (0)4 822 2222 ‘Horev’ – Tel: +972 (0)4 888 8888 ‘Carmel’ – Carmel Center, Tel: +972 (0)4 838 2626, +972 (0)4 8382727 *Note: It is not customary to tip taxi drivers in Israel. Shared Taxi (Sherut) In Haifa, Sherut taxis (minivans for 10-12 passengers) run along major bus routes in the city, and can be stopped along the way by waving to the driver (not necessarily at a bus stop). The sherut will have a sign on the windshield with the number of the bus route that it follows.


These are slightly cheaper and faster than a regular bus and offer a good alternative for buses during the weekend.


There is also a sherut (shared taxi) service which will bring you into Technion campus. *Note: It is not customary to tip taxi drivers in Israel.

The faculty will fund the Health Insurance prior to your arrival. 

For your information, “HAREL Insurance” has a representative on campus: Ms. Einat Cohen of the “YEDIDIM” Insurance agency. Ms. Cohen is available on campus every Thursday at the International Center.

Please contact her for any questions about the insurance at ( ) and/or visit her website:  B. Property

Technion International takes the safety and well-being of its students very seriously.

The university operates a 24-hour monitoring system that always includes a network with security guards stationed at the university entrances and security units patrolling the campus grounds. Although there are occasional security tensions in Israel, in the nearly 93 years of its existence, Technion has never suffered a security breach. International students are provided with updated security information and instructions about staying safe during their orientation program and throughout the year. Organized trips around Israel offered throughout the year are run in conjunction with the relevant security authorities. We want our students to get to know Israel, feel comfortable, and stay safe while traveling on their own, which is why we suggest that they let our administrative staff know of their plans to leave Haifa so that we can assist them in their travel plans. Our students’ safety and security is our top priority.

Read more about Technion COVID-19 Regulations.

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